Face to Face

03/27/2015, The Michael Horbach Foundation in Cologne presents the exhibition Face to Face, encompassing a major part of Bettina Flitner’s work. The Leica photographer’s political photo essays, created over the past 25 years, will be on display at the Foundation’s Art Space until 18 April 2015.

Insights into Flitner's body of work
The selection ranges from Flitner’s recent work such as Patron (2013) and Prostitute (2014), to her early Reportage from No-mans Land (created in 1989/1990 on the fall of the Berlin Wall), as well as the trilogy My Enemy My HeartMy Monument (1992–96). Flitner’s portraits of brothel clients caused a particular stir, as she was the first photographer to spend ten days in a brothel, questioning patrons about their reasons and portraying them on the beds.

Always taking a position – but never making a judgement
Flitner’s photo essay I am proud to be right-wing received the Political Photography Award. It was chosen for the following reason: "These images are a perfect expression of what Hannah Arendt decades ago called the 'triviality of evil'. Flitner always takes a position, but never makes a judgement – instead leaving it to the viewer to decide." Face to Face is the first exhibition to show Flitner’s political photo essays in their entirety.

Further information at Michael-Horbach-Stiftung, Bettina Flitner.

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    Sex Tourists
    © Bettina Flitner

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    © Bettina Flitner

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    I am proud to be right-wing, Andre
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    Johns Christian
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