ME-MO Magazine

09/29/2014, Five photographers, one online magazine: José Colón, Manu Brabo, Fabio Bucciarelli, Guillem Valle and Diego Ibarra Sánchez intend to use their Me-Mo Magazine to tell stories that would have otherwise remained unpublished. Valle and Ibarra were recently working with a Leica M9 from the LFI loan pool.

Financed through crowd funding, the campaign they launched at quickly helped them reach their goal of 15,000 euros to be able to carry out the project.

The ME-MO Magazine aims to draw attention to international conflicts and historic events, as well as human rights abuses and social injustices. The plan is to make the ME-MO Magazine a cross-media platform for photography, animation and texts.
It is to appear every quarter, and the main theme dealt with in the first issue is 'fear'. The ME-MO Magazine will be available as an App from the iTunes Store and at Google Play for 5 euros per issue.

Further information will soon be available at:

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