A new exhibition in a new venue

01/15/2017, The Hardhitta Gallery in Cologne is inaugurating its new venue with works by its own artists Bojorquez, Blum, Gottfried, Nattermüller, Rodriguez, Shabazz and Zownir. The exhibition runs from January 19 to March 11, 2017.

Six years after it was founded and following numerous pop-up exhibitions, the Hardhitta Gallery in Cologne is moving to a new venue at Moltkestraße 81, 50674 Cologne, on January 19, 2017. This event is being celebrated with a group exhibition of works by all the gallery’s artists: the photographers Arlene Gottfried, Gregory Bojorquez, Jamel Shabazz, Miron Zownir and Joseph Rodriguez, as well as the painters Ulrike Nattermüller and Oliver Blum.

Further information at: Hardhitta Gallery

  • Joseph_Rodriguez_Boy_on_Fire_Hydrant_copyright Joseph Rodriguez

    Joseph Rodriguez, Boy on Fire Hydrant
    © Joseph Rodriguez

  • Gregory_Bojorquez_Shooter Down #2

    Gregory Bojorquez, Shooter Down #1, 2011
    © Gregory Bojorquez

  • Miron Zownir_Berlin 1980_copyright Miron Zownir

    Miron Zownir, Berlin, 1980
    © Miron Zownir