A Room of One’s Own

04/15/2018, In the early twentieth century, British writer Virginia Woolf played a significant role in promoting equal opportunities for women in a male-dominated culture. Her novel “A Room of One’s Own” was a groundbreaking illustration of her era’s rigid gender roles. The book instilled a more empowered attitude in many of its female readers and still remains one of the most widely quoted texts within the women’s movement of the modern day.

Four women artists now address the novel’s overall theme in a group exhibition displayed at the Leica Gallery Istanbul until 5 May 2018.

Based in different parts of the world, each photographer applies her own visual approach to topics such as ingrained social expectations, gender inequality and women’s behaviours within their enforced roles. The compelling, thought-provoking images are designed to promote a dialogue and highlight the fact that the issues raised in Woolf’s seminal novel remain profoundly relevant to this day.

For further details visit Kendine Ait Bir Oda / A Room of One’s Own (Facebook)

  • Tahmineh_Monzavi_Crown-Giver_2014_web

    © Tahmineh Monzavi

  • Meltem_Işık_Twice-into-the-stream_Aynı-nehirde-bir-daha-(İsimsiz-#7)_web

    © Meltem Işık

  • Charlotte_Balat_017

    © Charlotte Schmitz

  • CansuYildiran2

    © Cansu Yildiran