M Magazine No. 3

11/12/2015, Pre-order now: The third issue of the M Magazine!

The M Magazine is exclusively dedicated to M photography, presenting great pictures taken by renowned photographers, all wrapped up in a completely new outfit with book-like quality. The M Magazine, concentrates on the essential and celebrates each picture – whether part of an extensive series or a single unforgettable image.

In this third issue of the M Magazine, readers will find impressive series by Magnum photographers Jacob Aue Sobol and Matt Black, a discerning photo reportage by Alvaro Ybarra Zavala, unforgettable pictures by Julia Baier and Joseph Michael Lopez, and insight into the African fashion scene with Per-Anders Pettersson. In addition, Lightbox presents a ‘best of’ unforgettable images taken by acclaimed Leica photographers.

The third issue of the M Magazine is deliverable as from 1st of December 2015. Pre-oder now at the LFI-Shop.

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