Music Photo Contest

03/09/2017, Capture the message of a song in seven images – this was the challenge of the 2nd Music Photo Contest, organised by LFI and Edel AG for the magazine Vinyl Stories. Participants were able to choose from a list of songs by Leonard Cohen, A Tribe Called Quest, Robbie Williams and Agnes Obel.

From the pool of 20 finalists, the jury has now selected the 10 winning entries.

And the winner is…
The first prize goes to Mexican photographer Rodrigo Jardon for his documentary series inspired by the song We the People… by A Tribe Called Quest. We congratulate the winner on the publication of his series in Vinyl Stories magazine, along with a Pro-Ject record player!

In second place is Jonathan Castellino, who addressed Leonard Cohen’s You Want it Darker with a sequence of architectural images. The third prize goes to Mioara Chiparus for her poetic series on the Agnes Obel song Citizens of Glass.

Jardon’s winning series will be featured in the second issue of the vinyl-lifestyle magazine. In addition, all first to fifth-place submissions will be presented in an exhibition at the magazine’s launch party in May 2017.

Take a look at all Music Photo Contest winners at the LFI Gallery.

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    1st Prize
    Rodrigo Jardon

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    2nd Prize
    Jonathan Castellino

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    3rd Prize
    Mioara Chiparus

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    4th Prize
    Andrea Comalini

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    5th Prize
    Artyt Lerdrakmongkol