Corentin Fohlen has created pluralistic statements against the common image of Haiti as a sad, problem-laden corner of the world. For this project, the documentary photographer turned into a dramatic director, offering the protagonists a stage at the centre of the action. His photographs are an expression of spiritual magic and joie de vivre.

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Camera & Lens

Leica M (Typ 240) / Summilux-M 35 mm f/1.4 Asph


Corentin Fohlen

© Pierre Terdjman

Corentin Fohlen was born in France in 1981. He discovered photography while studying art and drawing in Belgium. A few years later he started working for Wostok Press. He later turned to international news for Fédéphoto. In 2012, he began documenting the situation on Haiti. He came in second place in the Spot News category of the World Press Photo Award in 2011, and once again in the Spot News Singles category in 2016, for a picture of an anti-terror demonstration in Paris taken shortly after the attack on Charlie Hebdo.

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