The skateboarding magazine Parallel presents a portfolio by Julian Furones, shot with the Leica Monochrom and the analogue Leica CL. Having left his parental home at a young age, the skateboarder and photographer soon developed an appreciation for photographs as a way to remember times past. To begin with, he predominantly photographed with his ever-present Leica CL – working exclusively in black and white, and developing his own film in his portable photo lab. The M Monochrom enabled him to continue his preferred photographic approach in digital form as well.

Camera & Lens

Leica M Monochrom / Summicron-M 35 mm f/2 Asph


Julian Furones

Julian Furones was born in the Spanish city of León in 1984. When he was 17, he dropped out of school and left for Barcelona, where he worked as a pizza chef and dedicated his free time to skateboarding. It was not long before a number of companies became aware of him, resulting in his first sponsorship contract. He quit his job, and for the next decade travelled from one skating event to another, representing leading manufacturers of skating clothes and shoes. He had been drawn to photographs as a visual memory aid ever since leaving his parental home; yet it was during these travels that he began to take pictures, capturing the people and places he encountered. A small portable photo lab is an essential part of his travel gear.

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