The Chelsea Reach opened in New Brighton in 1968. Both an observer and a participant in the local scene, Wood spent the mid eighties photographing the youth of the city in their search for happiness. They found it in fleeting relationships and hopeless romances, that only usually lasted as long as the effect of their drinks.

Camera & Lens

Leica M2 / Elmarit-M 28 mm f/2.8 Asph


Tom Wood

Tom Wood (middle), Chelsea Reach, 24.12.1983

Born in 1951 in Ireland, Wood always carries a camera on him when he is out and about. Though he is clocking up the mileage, the distances he travels from his home tend to be short – many projects emerge in his immediate surroundings. Looking for Love (1989) is the first photo book where, as in his later often long-term projects, he focusses in an unconventional manner on the daily lives of his fellow human beings.

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