The World of M

60 years have passed since the launch of the Leica M3. The concept of the Leica rangefinder camera, with its unique combination of fine optical and mechanical precision, compact dimensions and intuitive handling, is a living legend.

The same can be said of the pictures taken with this camera. Whether the civil war in Central Africa or the problem districts of Caracas – countless stories are being told with the Leica M system. Discover the world of Leica M photography with exciting reportages and haunting picture series, news, films and the complete M Magazine.

The book-quality magazine is exclusively dedicated to M photography, presenting great pictures taken by renowned photographers, all wrapped up in a completely new outfit. Both format and content lay-out are solely focussed on the photograph. The M Magazine, concentrates on the essential and celebrates each picture – whether part of an extensive series or a single, unforgettable image.