The third issue of the independent magazine, Block, presents Christian Werner’s Athens (2015). A portrait of the Greek Capital series. Photographed with an M-P240, Werner produced this sketch of Athens during the summer of 2015, at the high-point of the so-called Greek crisis. The crisis was very conspicuous: empty businesses, interrupted construction projects, colours and shapes that were reminiscent of former East-block cities painted in socialist colours. Despite the melancholy, the pictures convey a positive mood, and reveal Athens as a place of new beginnings.

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Camera & Lens

Leica M-P / Summicron-M 35 mm f/2 Asph


Christian Werner

Christian Werner, born 1977 in Paderborn, lives and works in Berlin. In addition to his portrait work as well as reportages for newspapers and magazines, the photographer also addresses the history of West Germany prior to the country’s reunification. In 2016, he published two books on the topic: Stillleben BRD (Kerber Publishing), and Bauformen des Gewissens (Kröner Publishing)

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